Join me in Feeding Your Soul

I believe there are three areas in which we develop our teams and indeed ourselves:

1.  On a professional level;
2.  On a health and welfare level; and
3.  Taking time to feed our soul.

Organisations seem to do the first two well, but often struggle to get the third one right.  As individuals  it's the third that is kicked to the kerb because we don't have time or we promise ourselves that we'll make that investment when the time is right.  But what if the time is never right and we continue to miss that opportunity? What if investing in nourishing our soul actually helped us achieve all that we're struggling to achieve in our busy lives now?

It will come as no surprise to those that know me that a great deal of the investment I make in feeding my soul occurs in Thailand, surrounded by extraordinary people achieving extraordinary results, and I want to share those experiences with you.

I've put together a program that creates opportunities to spend time in the slums of Khlong Toei in Bangkok, working shoulder to shoulder to bring about meaningful outcomes.  To spend time with Khru Prateep, known as the Angel of the Slums, and learn from her in an intimate session about persistence, achieving outcomes in the face of the most determined of resistance, and influencing others whilst retaining grace, beauty and dignity.  

We'll travel to Home Hug and spend time with the kids undertaking a project with a focus on sustainability.   In the second intimate session with a remarkable person of our generation, we will hear from the 2011 Asian of the Year, Mae Thiew on her thoughts about tolerance, compassion and strength in the face of unliveable adversity and discrimination.   

Over the last several years I've spent time with Khru Pateep in the slums of Thailand bringing about change for those who seem to have been forgotten by so many.  I've led groups of visitors into these areas and the change in their perspective on life is irreversible.  It disrupts and realigns your thinking.  

And now I want you to join me.  

Here's the details:

Join me for dinner in Bangkok on Sunday the 23rd of August 2015 and spend the following three days immersed in experiences that will challenge what you previously thought were the necessities of life;
We leave Bangkok on Thursday the 27th of August, returning home and you will have provided food for your soul as I promised, but additionally shared valuable experiences that accelerate your professional learning through such diverse experiences that are just so hard to find elsewhere.

I've packaged it all up so it makes it nice and easy to join me and the FULL cost is $2975 which includes:

  • Return economy flights from Australia to Bangkok;
  • 4 x nights accommodation;
  • Return Internal flights from BKK to Ubon Ratchatani;
  • All meals;
  • All transfers within Thailand;
  • Program expenses; and
  • On ground English speaking Thai staff. 

But here's the catch.  This program is a slightly reduced version of the 5 day Social Venture Program that I run for business and the cost of that program is normally between $5500 to $6000 per person.  By joining me in August at this heavily discounted fee,  you are agreeing to take part in the filming of the experience and sharing that journey with others. 

The Full Program outlines in much more detail what we are doing; where we're going; and the expected learning outcomes.  If you've read enough and want to join us the Registration Link is the next step to secure your spot.

I'd love to take you to these parts of Thailand to share in the lives of these extraordinary people and have your view on life changed in the most positive way, as mine has and continues to be each time I visit.