Peter engages audiences worldwide through speaking, consulting and world class leadership programs.

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Peter confines the allocation of his time to activities that are going to lead to change.  Either advising or speaking to business leaders, consulting on how to drive deeper engagement, assisting other charity leaders, or running his own charity Hands, he desires outcomes of change.

  • Speaking
    Travelling across the globe Peter delivers powerful keynote presentations that will challenge, move, inspire and call audiences to action on doing more than they thought possible.

  • Leadership Programs
    An evolution of the key messages Peter delivers in his keynote presentations, his leaderships programs run from a day in your conference room to a six day program commencing in the slums of Thailand. 
  • Consulting
    His most recent book Doing Good by Doing Good provides the framework for how business and community groups can work closer together, ensuring there is a positive return to both sides.