I loved the simplicity of the Social Venture Program. It required far less of our intellect or professional skill - in fact, these were largely redundant. Instead, we required far more of our willingness to contribute, to back each other up and to take the time to listen and care.
— Churchill Education

leadership programs

One of the outcomes of Peter delivering one of his keynote presentations is that he 'starts a conversation'. The leadership training programs that he offers then dives deeper into the points that he raises and explores those issues.


Social Venture Program is an experiential learning opportunity that is uniquely designed to help individuals and corporate groups explore diversity with compassion and sensitivity, and to develop the ability to create meaningful and lasting change.

Peter can partner with your organisation to create a bespoke experience for your leadership team, staff, or VIP clients.

Whether you are looking for an enriching incentive program for your team, a relationship building program for your clients or a leadership retreat for your executives we can tailor a program to suit. 


Through team building and discovery sessions participants will develop their skills and have their current thinking around the following areas tested:

  • Leadership 
  • Resilience 
  • Tolerance 
  • Compassion 
  • Humility 
  • Innovation 
  • Influence 


On the back of the success of the annual Hands Across the Water bike rides, Peter can now offer a bike ride just for your leadership team. The distance, duration and time of year can be adjusted to something that works best for your organisation. 

This unique experience within your industry creates opportunities to build strong relationships with those you are looking to do business with, or strengthen the relationships you currently have.  

The experience will expose participants to a very beautiful and unique Thailand; it's off the beaten track, away from the tourist centres and provides access to areas seldom visited by tourists. It's an opportunity to meet a fantastic group of people, make lifelong friendships, all whilst changing the lives of the beautiful children that Hands Across the Water support. The rides are not a race from point A to point B.  They are certainly a challenge, but with the appropriate level of training they are achievable by all. 

It was such a privilege to ride and to support such a wonderful charity. It has been one of the best experiences in my life to date.
— Bendigo Bank


In Operation Delta Peter turns up the pressure.  He will take your team into a space few get to venture and some say “that’s a good thing!”.  You are thrust into your own ‘crisis’ where you will need to assume the role of a leadership team charged with leading an international deployment responding to a scene of a natural disaster, act of terrorism or horrendous accident.  

A real life command post is simulated in your training venue or conference location via the introduction of tools found in any crisis command centre.  Delegates are broken up into small teams and each will assume the responsibility of a key member in the executive team leading and directing an international deployment.

The team will be challenged to work together, make decisions and work through the implications of their decisions.  A constant flow of information is provided to the team in various mediums.  They will be required to distill that information into useful facts and make significant decisions under the pressure of time.

During the program your team will:

  • Explore the four key points of leading in times of crisis
  • Develop an understanding of leadership without authority
  • Enhance your ability to lead with confidence.


In the pressure room of the command centre your team will:

  • Experience the immediate cause and effect relationship between decisions and outcomes
  • Work on a team based case simulation exercise that challenges all aspects of leadership
  • Give people permission and the opportunity to be creative and find solutions
  • Find the balance between compliance, creativity and leadership
  • Manage multiple activity streams
  • Enhance their ability to make decisions without deliberation